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December 13, 2021
Ätherische Öle
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Essential oils can sterilize air

The study by the University of Vienna dealt with essential oils in general, the possibilities of room scenting and the results of many other research groups on the antimicrobial properties and also many other properties and possible uses of essential oils and their individual components. The conclusion of this study indicates a good effectiveness of the tested essential oils against airborne germs on. They are therefore well suited for reducing germs in the room air.

In addition, most of the essential oils tested have a pleasant scent. These include citrus peel oils and conifer oils from controlled organic cultivation (k.b.A.), which contain the active ingredient limonene. Limonene is oxidized to carvone in the air and proved to have an antibacterial effect in the current study. Carvone is also the main component of the essential oil SpearmintMentha spicata L. that in its natural entirety can have a stronger antibacterial effect in room scenting than individual, extracted substances.

Proof of the antimicrobial effectiveness of essential oils is important because they can play an important role as natural disinfectants, antibiotics and antiseptics. The use of essential oils as antibiotics in human medicine, as plant protection agents, to protect food from spoilage and against individual bacteria and fungi has already been investigated by many working groups with positive results.


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With this study, the antimicrobial effect of essential oils and other substances on airborne germs was also researched. By demonstrating a reduction in the number of germs in the air, a possible use of these essential oils and their individual components to reduce germs in the room air by up to 70% can be confirmed, which represents a natural alternative to chemical disinfectants (e.g. phenols).



Study result:

Banovac, Mag.pharm. Daniel: Antimicrobial effect of selected volatile compounds and essential oils on airborne germs. Diploma thesis 2012, Vienna.



Aggarwal, K. K.; Khanuja, S. P. S.; Ahmad, A.; Kumar, T. R. S.; Gupta, V. K.; Kumar, S. (2002). Antimicrobial activity profiles of the two enantiomeres of limonene and carvone isolated from the oils Mentha spicata and Anethum sowa. Flavour and Fragrance Journal; 17 (1); 59-63

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