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Weißtanne / Edeltanne / Silbertanne - abys alba

Silver Fir Needle Essential Oil is obtained by steam distillation of the needles and twigs of the European coniferous tree (abys alba), which belongs to the genus Abies in the pine family (Pinaceae). The name derives from the light gray to silvery bark. The silver fir is native to the mountainous regions of northern Europe and can reach an age of 500 years. In favorable conditions, the conifer can grow up to 65 meters high. The needles are up to 3 cm long and 3 mm wide. Depending on the location, the silver fir flowers from April to June, just before the new shoots appear.

if room scent the essential silver fir oil can have a clarifying, balancing (toning) to comforting effect and provide support for nervousness and depression. It is reminiscent of a relaxing, invigorating walk in the forest that gives you the courage to keep going. In addition, it is very popular because of its air disinfection properties, especially during cold periods.

Essential silver fir oil is used therapeutically for colds, fever and flu, especially for rubbing into the skin or for inhalation in diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract. Since it has antitussive and expectorant properties, many patients find it easier to cough up. In general, pine needle oils (Abies oil) are said to promote blood circulation in the upper layers of the skin. They are therefore also recommended for nerve pain and as a bath additive for inflammatory rheumatic complaints of bones and muscles. The following properties are assigned to essential silver fir oil in the specialist literature: antiseptic, expectorant (mucolytic), anti-inflammatory, analgesic (analgesic), circulation-enhancing, disinfecting, deodorizing.

Silver fir oil is also used in numerous deodorants, room sprays, disinfectants, sauna and bath additives, soaps and perfumes.

Please note that essential oils are concentrates that are only used diluted as well as the information under "Application".

Product Profile:

Characteristics of silver fir essential oil bio

The essential silver fir oil is colorless to yellow and has a thin consistency. Its scent is woody-fresh, clear, dry to spicy-woody. It is assigned to the top notes in terms of length of stay, intensity and effect.

The oil easily dissolves in alcohol, vegetable oils and other essential oils. It is almost insoluble in water.

The natural components of the all-natural essential oil include
Pinene, Limonene, Camphene, Longifolen u. a.

Contents: 10 ml 100% natural essential oil - 1 ml corresponds to approx. 25 drops
PZN: 11305748


Room scenting

Put 5-8 drops of essential oil in the bowl filled with water in the aroma lamp or wet the aroma stone directly with it. Depending on the desired effect and in combination with other essential oils, reduce the amount.

Anti-stress fragrance mixture for more serenity and stamina:
6 drops of silver fir, 2 drops of laurel, 1-2 drops of fine lavender, 1-2 drops of cedar wood.

Relaxing fragrance mixture as a little break and for air purification:
5 drops of silver fir, 3 drops of fine lavender, 2 drops of litsea, 1 drop each of clary sage and bay leaf.

Storage: Store away from light at temperatures of 15 to 22 °C and out of the reach of children.

Important instructions:

Note the hazard warnings on the label.

Caution: Essential oils are concentrates that may only be used diluted! Some of the ingredients in silver fir essential oil are applied to the skin or classified as harmful if ingested. It contains potentially allergenic ingredients that can cause skin irritation in people with sensitive skin. It must not be used in the case of bronchial asthma or whooping cough and in the area of the eyes. Essential silver fir oil is not suitable for internal use in pregnant women, infants and small children. All pine needle oils readily form peroxides with oxygen, which can have sensitizing properties. Therefore, for therapeutic applications, particular attention must be paid to the freshness of the essential oil.

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