The World Health Organization (WHO), the German Society for Nutrition (DGE), health ministries of the federal states and well-known nutritionists call for Every day one adequate intake of micronutrients how Vitamins and minerals to take.

In our health topics you will find useful information - for your health.

To eat healthy food

Because our diet has a major impact on our health.


Even a daily walk in the forest helps to stimulate digestion and strengthen the immune system.

Heavy sleep

A healthy sleep strengthens the immune system, makes you happy and smart. 

Essential Oils

Essential oils can sterilize air The study by the University of Vienna dealt with essential oils in general, the possibilities of room scenting and the results of many other research...

Foal acid & B12

Folic acid and B12 for improved brain function Scientists found that long-term supplementation of folic acid and vitamin B12 can improve brain function in older people. The latest study, published...


Magnesium can reduce stroke risk   Increasing your daily magnesium intake may reduce your risk of stroke, a new meta-analysis from Sweden finds. A pool of data from seven prospective...


Probiotics boost the immune system of smokers Smokers are prone to respiratory diseases. This is due, among other things, to an altered activity of the "natural killer cells" in smokers....

Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency accelerates muscle fatigue For the first time, a possible explanation has been found for the fact that people with low vitamin D levels often suffer from physical...

Magnesium for athletes

The 5 best tips - magnesium for hobby and recreational athletes: To begin with, an exciting question for you: Do you ever take a magnesium tablet before you go jogging,...


Time to Detox - Feeling good   Since ancient times, various measures have been carried out with the aim of internal cleansing of the body. Since metabolic end products were...

Acid-base balance

Well-being thanks to a balanced acid-base balance.   Balancing acid-base balance: why is it important?     Fatigue, lack of energy and even many illnesses and old age complaints are...

Strong bones

Fit and agile until to the best ages     Around seven million Germans suffer from bone loss. Despite this, osteoporosis is relatively unknown. Even those affected often do not...

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