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Are you often exhausted and depressed? According to statistics, every third German suffers from chronic fatigue. Memory problems and lack of concentration are also increasing and can promote diseases such as Alzheimer's. These and other diseases accumulate due to a lack of defenses and the constant strain on our immune system. Nutrient deficiencies or malnutrition favor this negative development and promote diseases of civilization such as allergies, depression or obesity.

Vegan food supplements from AgilNature cover the need for valuable vital substances, minerals and trace elements that you need to maintain your mental and physical fitness. Beneficial herbal teas based on our own recipes also increase your well-being. We manufacture dietary supplements in-house, the composition of which is carefully thought out and tailored to the corresponding mode of action. Our recipes are used to create dietary supplements for better concentration, dietary supplements for losing weight or dietary supplements for sport and fitness, all of which are suitable for people who consciously want to avoid animal ingredients and long production routes.

AgilNature puts together vegan dietary supplements according to its own recipe

Hidden ingredients and flavor enhancers are taboo for us: AgilNature pays attention to clear and unambiguous declaration of all ingredients when putting together the food supplements and teas. We only use high-quality raw material components that meet vegan and sustainable standards. The high-quality branded raw materials have an effectiveness that has been confirmed by studies, to which AgilNature adds high bioavailability with the natural biocatalyst black pepper. The active ingredients have been proven to get into the blood faster when food supplements are taken black pepper extract Bioperine be transferred.

Conventional dietary supplements do not use Bioperine, which means that the body excretes most of the vitamins, minerals and trace elements it has taken in unused. Cheap preparations also promise to combat all ailments with one active ingredient. Use the knowledge and experience of the AgilNature nutritionists, who put together dietary supplements from health-promoting trace elements, herbal extracts and minerals, whose positive effects reinforce and promote each other. With high-quality, vegan food supplements, you lay the foundation for a functioning metabolism and promote a balanced one acid-base balance and actively protects you from diseases.

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The human body is a complicated power plant that, in addition to energy, also needs special substances that ensure the metabolism runs smoothly. Biochemical processes such as blood formation, the transmission of nerve stimuli and the absorption of nutrients would come to a standstill without vitamins, minerals and trace elements. However, the corresponding substances cannot be produced by our bodies themselves. With a balanced diet combined with sensible nutritional supplements, you provide your body with the best possible care and give it the nutrients it needs for well-being and long-term health. AgilNature's vegan dietary supplements help you give your body what it needs: uncomplicated and of high quality.

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