Zoom Ultrasonic diffuser
Zoom Ultrasonic diffuser
Zoom Ultrasonic diffuser
Zoom Ultrasonic diffuser
Zoom Ultraschall Diffuser AgilNature ätherischen Öle Keramik - schwarz
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Ultrasonic diffuser

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Our Ultrasonic Diffuser is designed to infuse and revitalize the air in your interior with 100% natural essential oils. Heat-free technology protects the integrity of the oils, ensuring you enjoy maximum aromatherapeutic benefits.

1. Create your desired atmosphere on your own terms by adding 3-10 drops of essential oil and adjusting the misting time as you like.

2. Press the "ON" button to turn on the device. The device is in the continually Mode. To toggle between timer settings, "press" the "ON" button again. 

The timer settings:

Continuously | 30 sec interval | 1 hr | 2 hours. 

3. You can Cycle through 7 soothing LED lights or set one of your favorite colors. Brightness can be selected from dim to bright.

4. In order to switch off the device, you have to press and hold the "ON" button until a long beep sounds. 

Thanks to the noiseless technology, the diffuser can be easily used in any room, e.g. to optimize concentration during work or to relax for a good and restful sleep. For your safety, the diffuser stops automatically when the water has been used up. 



  • Humidify and revitalize the air in your indoor spaces.
  • Preserves the full integrity and properties of the essential oils
  • Mist timers and soothing LED lights create a desired atmosphere
  • noise free
  • Safety function (stop automatically when the water is out)



Frequency: Ultrasonic vibrations 2.4 MHz
Water Tank Capacity: 100ml
Diffuser Volume: 100 ml is enough for up to 40m2
Continuous working time: 4H
Features three timer settings: continuous | 30 sec interval| 1 hour | 2 hours.
Variations: 7 LED LIGHT
Noise level: less than 36 dB
Input power: AC 100-240V 50/60HZ

'The Acorn' is available in black and white
Ceramic & PP-Material

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