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Warum DetoxAgil Tee

  • Harmonisch - milder Geschmack

  • Anregend

  • Bambusblätter, Birkenblätter, Zitronengras, Süßholz, Minze, Thymian, Brombeerblätter, Sonnenblumenblüten, Lapacho, Koriander und Wacholderbeeren

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Unser RelaxAgil Tee Relaxation tea works against stress and inner restlessness

Everyday stress causes body and soul to become hectic. Are you often under stress trying to reconcile work, errands and appointments? The relaxation tea RelaxAgil helps you to find inner peace and serenity and relaxes both body and mind after a hectic day. Drink the tea in the evening before bedtime or during a quiet minute to strengthen your nerves and relax.

Soothing nature in our relaxation tea

Bamboo leaves can increase urinary flow. If bamboo leaves are drunk as a tea after a meal, digestion can be stimulated and lead to a feeling of lightness. The skin also benefits from holistic cleansing properties and makes it more supple and elastic.

birch leaves are known to have a blood purifying and diuretic effect. Birch leaves as an infusion drink can be helpful for urinary tract infections, such as a bladder infection.

Lemongrass Used by therapists for digestive disorders such as abdominal pain and vomiting.

Thymian is appreciated for its stimulating, antibacterial, disinfecting effect. Thyme tea can also be drunk to strengthen the digestive organs.

Lapacho: Already known as the "tree of life" in early Inca cultures - valued for its strong antibacterial, diuretic and tonic (balancing) effects. Lapacho tea is mainly used in alternative medicine to treat various ailments. It has been proven that Lapacho tea contains many vitamins, minerals and plant substances such as calcium, potassium and iron as well as - in addition to the antibiotically active substance 'lapachol' - also trace elements such as barium, strontium, iodine and boron.

Cilantro It is primarily used for indigestion. It can also relieve gas and bloating.

juniper berries: have a slightly draining effect and can help with the first signs of a bladder infection.

The perfect relaxation combination

In addition to the DetoxAgil tea, we also have DetoxAgil

Stress can lead to many symptoms such as skin problems, stomach upset, fatigue and trouble sleeping. Enjoy a break from stress with a cup of RelaxAgil tea and find inner peace and serenity.

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These vital substances are contained in RelaxAgil tag:

melon juice concentrate

People also use the strengthening properties of bamboo for their health. A thousand years ago, monks used bamboo (Bambusa arundinacea) to produce a silicon-rich substance called tabashir, which is still used today as a traditional remedy in Eastern medicine.

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Rhodiolaextrakt (Rosenwurz)

Studies have found that Rhodiola rosea can reduce physical and mental stress. Thanks to its adaptogenic and stimulating properties, Rhodiola rosea increases tolerance to stress while giving more energy.

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