RelaxAgil Tee lose Teemischung von AgilNature®
    RelaxAgil Tee lose Teemischung von AgilNature®
RelaxAgil Tee lose Teemischung von AgilNature®
RelaxAgil Tee lose Teemischung von AgilNature®
    RelaxAgil Tee lose Teemischung von AgilNature®
RelaxAgil Tee lose Teemischung von AgilNature®
Tees & Aufgüsse by AgilNature®

RelaxAgil Tea

Zur Unterstützung einer entspannten Auszeit
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Restful sleep and strong nerves
Content: 100g loose tea blend

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Aroma & taste

Harmonious - mild taste


1-2 teaspoons per cup


60° - 80°

Brewing time

Leave for 5-6 minutes

Are you currently under a lot of stress and just can't relax?

Everyday stress causes body and soul to become hectic. Are you often under stress trying to reconcile work, errands and appointments? The relaxation tea RelaxAgil helps you to find inner peace and serenity and relaxes both body and mind after a hectic day. Drink the tea in the evening before bedtime or during a quiet minute to strengthen your nerves and relax. The RelaxAgil relaxation tea is composed of the ideal ingredients to achieve a calming effect. AgilNature pays particular attention to ecological and regional production and has the vegan food supplements and teas checked by qualified nutritionists. With the relaxation tea RelaxAgil you get a high-quality product that you can easily buy in our online shop.


Lemongrass belongs to the grass family. Lemongrass has a special smell and taste, which makes it a perfect component for teas. But lemongrass also contains a lot of vitamin C and some B vitamins as well as the minerals magnesium, zinc and calcium, which is why we also use it in our dietary supplements.


Whether in chewing gum, in Hugo or as a topping for raspberry shakes, everyone knows mint. We have therefore made use of the unique taste and smell of mint both in tea and as an essential oil.

Pieces of lemon peel

The lemon peel gives a very special lemony-sour taste, which is why it is often used as a component in teas or in baking.

Lemon balm

There are many different types of lemon balm. Everyone knows, for example, lemon balm and its very special smell and taste. The well-known plant is not only used in teas, but also in food supplements.


Everyone knows it, chamomile tea. But did you know that chamomile was named the very first medicinal plant of the year in 1987 and also medicinal plant of the year in 2002? So of course we included this delicious miracle herb in some of our teas.


The smell of this beautiful purple plant is well known to everyone. In 2008, lavender was also named medicinal plant of the year and only in 2020 medicinal plant of the year.

Sunflower blossoms

The sunflower blossoms not only look beautiful, but are also ideal as a component in tea. In doing so, they release their colorings into the tea water, which gives the tea a sunny yellowish hue.
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Ice Tea

Our tea blends can also refresh you as an IceTea variant in summer with your enjoyment. Try it out and send us a picture of your IceTea variant or link us in a post and use #agilnature

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