About the AgilNature brand


Why did you found AgilNature?

We want people to eat healthily and keep coming back to us because they believe in us and our products. We want to surprise with innovations and develop and manufacture sensible food supplements that contribute to health prevention and health maintenance . The focus is on the naturalness, effectiveness and optimal compatibility of the products. Our products should help you to stay healthy and fit and to be agile in every phase of life.


What makes you so special?

The special thing about AgilNature is that we develop the products ourselves and the production takes place in-house . From the recipes to the selection of raw materials to the packaging design, everything comes from a single source. So you get a high-quality, safe and holistic AgilNature product from Germany.

So that your body can also use the vital substances optimally, we use the patented black pepper extract Bioperine® , which has been proven to promote the absorption of vital substances and thus increase their bioavailability . In this way, the vitamins, minerals and trace elements arrive in the body where they are needed and are not simply excreted again without being used. The ingredients are carefully coordinated by us nutritionists so that they complement each other and enhance their effect. In the special Agil3+ formulations, the respective plant extracts, vitamins and minerals are combined with the greatest care. This holistic system approach allows the positive effects to unfold at several points of action.


Based on which beliefs and values ​​do you work?

Because we believe that nature offers almost endless opportunities to strengthen the body and promote health, our products contain natural plant extracts that contain all the important substances of the plant in their natural compound. The natural powers of the plant extracts form the basis of our high-quality Agil3+ formulations. In combination with valuable vitamins and minerals, this results in our high-quality Agil3+ formulations, which help to stay healthy, active and efficient in a natural way. Each of the products was developed by us nutritionists and is based on the knowledge that the optimal functioning of organs can be supported by a special combination of high-quality vital substances from plant extracts, vitamins and minerals.


Why are dietary supplements important to me?

Wrong eating habits such as too much sugar, eating too irregularly or food that has been processed for too long can lead to a lack of vital substances. In addition, the vitamin and mineral content in fruit and vegetables is decreasing (breeding for quantity and not quality, depleted soil, harvesting unripe fruit...). Likewise, diseases and medications can mean that the body does not get enough vitamins and minerals (also called micronutrients) on a daily basis or cannot absorb them properly. Over time, this micronutrient deficiency can lead to fatigue, weight problems and various other diseases. With our products you can actively ensure that your body is cared for in the best possible way. In our online shop you are guaranteed to find dietary supplements that improve your quality of life, increase your well-being and strengthen your physical condition.


Do you pay attention to sustainability when it comes to packaging?

Sustainability is the focus of our company's philosophy. That's why it goes without saying for us to avoid plastic as much as possible. We pack all of our products in high-quality aluminum cans, because aluminum conserves natural resources. Not only is it particularly light, it is also up to 100% recyclable and reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions in packaging production. We made sure to use the smallest possible can size so as not to waste material unnecessarily.

Thanks to the removable labels, the cans can be used for other purposes at any time after emptying, for example for storing tea or spices. The seal of quality ensures that the can is originally closed. In order to best protect the contents of the can from external influences, there is a special insulating layer in the screw cap. All cans are coated on the inside with a special transparent protective layer that guarantees the purity of our dietary supplements. We deliberately avoided packaging such as blisters or folding boxes because additional packaging material does not correspond to our sustainability values.


Where are the AgilNature supplements made?

All products are exclusively manufactured in Germany . The vegan food supplements are developed by us nutritionists in Mindelheim in the Allgäu and are also manufactured here in-house.

Our products


Are all your products vegan?

Yes , all products are 100% vegan . Only selected substances from the plant world are used in our products. Out of ethical conviction, we do not use any animal raw materials. The capsule shells are also made of vegetable cellulose . We deliberately avoid animal gelatine.


Are your products also of high quality?

The vegan dietary supplements are developed by us nutritionists in the Allgäu and are also manufactured here in-house, so you can be sure that you will find products of the highest quality in the online shop. Transparency and trust are particularly important to us when you buy vegan food supplements in our shop. All dietary supplements only contain ingredients that are permitted and safe under the legal provisions of Germany .


Have the ingredients of the AgilNature food supplements been tested for their effectiveness?

Yes . From hundreds of different ingredients, we have selected them with the utmost care for the high-quality AgilNature food supplements, the effectiveness of which has been proven by numerous scientific studies .


Do AgilNature food supplements contain artificial colors and artificial flavors?

No , all AgilNature supplements are free of artificial colors and artificial flavors. We only use CarnitinAgil flavors in the AgilNature chewable tablets and these are 100% natural .


Can the AgilNature food supplements be combined in any way?

If you comply with the respective consumption recommendations of the individual products, you can combine the AgilNature food supplements as you wish. It is best to refrain from taking other food supplements, especially other vitamin and mineral supplements, so as not to throw the balanced combination of ingredients out of balance.

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How exactly does my order work with you?

Placing your order with us is super easy and takes a maximum of 3 minutes :

1. Selection of the desired items

2. Login or registration or order as a guest

3. Choice of payment method

4. Order subject to payment

5. Confirmation email will be sent

6. Goods will be sent to you


How can I pay in your shop?

We offer you numerous secure payment options for your order. You can choose to pay by credit card, PayPal, PayPal Express, Sofortüberweisung (via Klarna), by invoice (via Klarna), by Google Pay, by Apple Pay or by Shop Pay


How much is shipping for my order?

All prices include VAT, including packaging, plus a shipping fee. For shipping within Germany we charge a flat rate of 4.95 euros per order. From a gross order value of 49 euros we ship free of charge . Delivery can be made to your own address or to a different delivery address. Delivery is by DHL Go Green - the climate-friendly and CO2-neutral shipping.


How quickly will I receive my delivery from you?

Since our products are usually ready for dispatch immediately , your order will arrive at your home after 1 - 3 working days . All Orders within europa are also ready for dispatch immediately and will take usually 10 - 15 days till your home.


How can I best reach you if I still have an open question?

Please send us an email to info@agilnature.de or use our chat field , which should appear on the bottom right of every page. Here you can chat/write with us live between 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. All chat requests that arrive later will be answered by us later by e-mail. It is important that you leave us your e-mail so that we can get in touch with you.


Where are the AgilNature supplements available?

Online shop

The convenient and secure order directly from the manufacturer.

You can order the high-quality products conveniently from home and around the clock online. We attach great importance to the secure handling of your data.

For this reason, data is transmitted over a secure SSL-encrypted connection throughout the entire payment process. In addition, we guarantee that we will not pass on your data to unauthorized third parties.

We carry the Trusted Shop seal of approval for a safe and trustworthy shopping experience with the greatest possible customer satisfaction.


The high-quality AgilNature® dietary supplements are also available in pharmacies - throughout Germany. If the pharmacy you trust does not currently stock our products, they can order our products via the PZN (pharmacy central number). Each product on this website is provided with the order PZN. You can find them on the respective product page under the ingredients tab. If you have already bought an AgilNature dietary supplement, you will find the PZN on the back of the products. For MagnesiumAgil it would be PZN 09688334, for example.

The pharmacist has the desired product in stock within a very short time.