DetoxAgil Tee lose Teemischung von AgilNature®
    DetoxAgil Tee lose Teemischung von AgilNature®
DetoxAgil Tee lose Teemischung von AgilNature®
DetoxAgil Tee lose Teemischung von AgilNature®
    DetoxAgil Tee lose Teemischung von AgilNature®
DetoxAgil Tee lose Teemischung von AgilNature®
Tees & Aufgüsse by AgilNature®

HerbalAgil Tee

Zur Unterstützung während deiner Detox-Kur
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Relaxation tea works against stress and inner restlessness
Content: 100g loose tea blend

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Aroma & taste

Harmonious - mild taste


1 teaspoon per cup


60° - 80°

Brewing time

Leave for 3-5 minutes.

Detox time for your body

Over time, stress, hectic activity, environmental toxins, lack of exercise, stimulants and poor nutrition can throw our metabolism out of balance. Symptoms such as constant tiredness, exhaustion, frequent headaches, poor concentration, increased susceptibility to infections and even obesity are often the result. Therefore, a detox cure can be useful in many cases. The AgilNature HerbalAgil Tea contains a selection of exquisite, valuable ingredients that have a draining, digestive and blood-cleansing effect on our organism.

Bamboo leaves

Bamboo is one of the sweet grasses. Bamboo contains numerous valuable ingredients. So it's no wonder that pandas can feed almost exclusively on bamboo.

Birch leaves

Everyone knows the tree, which is very conspicuous with its white bark. But the birch can do much more than just look beautiful and drive one or the other allergy sufferer crazy in spring. Many positive properties are attributed to the tea infusion of birch leaves.


Lemongrass not only smells good as an essential oil and tastes good in tea, but it is also a valuable extract for dietary supplements.


The liquorice belongs to the subfamily of the legumes. If you don't know what liquorice tastes like, just think of liquorice. This candy is made from the root of liquorice.


Whether in chewing gum, in Hugo or as a topping for raspberry shakes, everyone knows mint. We have therefore made use of the unique taste and smell of mint both in tea and as an essential oil.


Thyme belongs to the mint family. In 2006, thyme was named medicinal plant of the year.

Blackberry leaves

The fruit of the blackberry plant is well known to everyone, but the leaves are also suitable as a component in tea, for example, thanks to their unique taste.

Sunflower blossoms

The sunflower blossoms not only look beautiful, but are also ideal as a component in tea. In doing so, they release their colorings into the tea water, which gives the tea a sunny yellowish hue.


The Lapacho tree is already known as the "tree of life" in early Inca cultures. It has been proven that Lapacho tea contains many vitamins, minerals and plant substances such as calcium, potassium and iron as well as trace elements such as barium, strontium, iodine and boron.


Some love it, for others it tastes like soap. But did you know that there is a genetic explanation for this? Certain changes in a specific olfactory receptor are responsible for the soapy sensation in some people.

Juniper berries

Juniper berries are mainly used for dishes with dark meat or game in the kitchen. Their unique flavors come primarily from the essential oils they contain.
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Ice tea

Our tea blends can also refresh you as an IceTea variant in summer with your enjoyment. Try it out and send us a picture of your IceTea variant or link us in a post and use #agilnature

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