10 reasons for the high-quality dietary supplements from AgilNature:

1.   100% vegan

Only selected substances from the plant world are used in our products. Out of ethical conviction, we do not use any animal raw materials. The capsule shells are also made of vegetable cellulose. We do not use animal gelatine.


2. Indication-specific and synergistic formulation

Each of our dietary supplements is based on the knowledge that the optimal functioning of organs can be supported by a special combination of high-quality vital substances from plant extracts, vitamins and minerals. Our high-quality AgilNature® formulations are indication-specific and tailored to the respective area of application. The ingredients are carefully selected so that they complement each other and enhance their effect.


3. Holistic system approach

In the high-quality AgilNature® formulations, the respective plant extracts, vitamins and minerals are combined with the greatest care. With this holistic system approach to nutritional supplements, the positive effects can unfold at several points of action.


4.    Scientific Studies

When selecting the high-quality ingredients, we pay special attention to the fact that they have been tested in scientific studies.


5.    Premium raw materials for the highest quality

The plant essences in our dietary supplements are not ordinary powders, but highly concentrated plant extracts standardized to their main active ingredient. In this way, the quality is always guaranteed, regardless of harvest fluctuations. In our products we only use plant extracts that have been extracted with water or alcohol. Chemical extraction agents are generally avoided.


6.    Pure ingredients for optimal compatibility

All our products are gluten free and lactose free. They are free from artificial colors and artificial flavors. It goes without saying that we do not use genetically modified raw materials.


7.    sustainability

We avoid plastic and unnecessary secondary packaging as much as possible. All of our products are packaged in aluminum cans that are up to 100% recyclable. Thanks to the removable labels, the cans can be used for other purposes at any time after they have been emptied.


8.    Developed by nutritionists

As nutritionists, we pay attention to an optimal and nutritionally sensible composition of the ingredients and develop all our products ourselves. From the idea to the finished product: we develop and produce everything under one roof.


9.    Made in Germany

All our products are developed and manufactured in Germany in the Allgäu. The manufacturer is certified according to IFS (International Food Standards).


10. Optimal bioavailability

The optimal effect of an ingredient not only depends on the dosage, but above all on how well it can be absorbed by the body. The exclusive AgilNature® formulations contain a natural biocatalyst that positively influences the absorption of the high-quality dietary supplements.