All vitamins, minerals & plant extracts

Have you always wondered how individual vital substances can promote your health and well-being? You want to learn more about the special properties of these fantastic ingredients? In our vital substance lexicon, we introduce you to all the high-quality vital substances contained in AgilNature products. Simply select a vital substance and find out more.

  • Melone AgilNature


    Origin and history of the melon The Cantaloupe-Melone (Cucumis melo was. cantalupensis), is a variety of cantaloupe melon. While it may be hard to ...

  • Magnesium AgilNature


    Magnesium is one of the essential minerals. Everyone needs magnesium to maintain their performance and for the smooth "functioning" of their body...

  • Minze AgilNature


    Origin and history of spearmint     The number of different types of mint can hardly be overlooked. The most important main species in...

  • Mangan AgilNature


    Manganese is a minerals, which is one of the so-called essential trace elements. Essential trace elements are vital and must be supplied to the b...