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Pepper has a millennia-old tradition as a spice, especially in India, a main growing area for pepper. Pepper has an appetizing and digestive effect due to the pungent substances it contains. These pungent substances promote the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, as well as intestinal enzymes and the excretion of bile (1).


High bioavailability of vitamins and minerals thanks to piperine

The pungency of black pepper (black pepper) is the alkaloid piperine. It is responsible for the sharp taste and the associated positive effects on the metabolism. In addition, piperine also has the potential to treat many diseases and ailments. Probably the most important property of piperine, however, is its function as a bioenhancer. Bioenhancers are substances that increase the availability of nutrients and drugs in the body (2, 3).
The bioavailability of nutrients is an important issue. There can be a big difference between the amount of plant extracts, vitamins and minerals that we put into the body and the proportion or fraction that the body absorbs or uses. can ultimately use. The bioavailability of nutrients, but also medicines, consists of the release of these substances from their matrix and their absorption into the body via the intestine. It can be influenced by the state of the matrix, i.e. whether the food is cooked or raw, by digestibility in general or by intestinal bacteria and other substances in the intestine (4, 5).


Black pepper extract: Bioperine®

Bioperine® is a black pepper extract that contains at least 95% piperine and increases the bioavailability of the vital substances in our products. The influence of Bioperine® on the bioavailability of vital substances has been examined in various studies. The studies were carried out with 5 mg Bioperine® per dosage. Significantly higher concentrations of the vital substances were measured in the blood of the test persons when the vital substance was taken together with Bioperine® (6). However, it should be noted that an increase Improvement in bioavailability only occurs when Bioperine® is in the right place at the right time, i.e. when it is taken together with the vital substance. The available time window is an important component in this case. Bioavailability cannot be improved if, for example, ground black pepper is used instead of the special extract Bioperine®. By the time the black pepper is broken down in the stomach, the so-called "window of opportunity" - i.e. the previously mentioned time window - is already over.
So that you can optimally absorb all vital substances, we add 5 mg Bioperine® to all our dietary supplements.


Which AgilNature products contain Bioperine®?

At AgilNature dietary supplements contain the high-quality black pepper extract Bioperine®. It can be found in the ingredients as "pepper extract".



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