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Warum FemAgil

  • Vitamin B6 zur Regulierung der Hormontätigkeit

  • Reduzierung von Stress und Unterstützung für einen besseren Schlaf

  • Salbei-Extrakt gegen Hitzewallungen

Unser FemAgil Für die besonderen Ansprüche einer Frau im besten Alter

Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle!

The changes in the hormonal balance during the menopause are accompanied by various physical and mental changes. Since the symptoms in this phase are varied, a herbal combination product is ideal, which helps with several of the symptoms such as hot flashes, sleep disorders, mood swings and listlessness.

Was ist das Einzigartige an FemAgil?

FemAgil was developed by us in cooperation with nutritionists. The innovative, indication-specific formulation of precious plant extracts, vitamins and minerals helps in a natural way with symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings and sleep problems. In the formulation, the latest scientific findings were combined with proven old wisdom. The carefully selected ingredients make FemAgil a valuable dietary supplement during the menopause. FemAgil is a high-quality product that has been developed and manufactured according to the strict guidelines of the AgilNature quality promise. By avoiding known allergens, chemical additives and genetically modified substances, a high level of tolerability is guaranteed.

Leichter durch die Wechseljahre - Überzeuge dich selbst

Patentierter Helmkraut-Extrakt Scutell´up® für dein Wohlbefinden, Salbei-Extrakt bei Hitzewallungen, Melissen-Extrakt für einen guten Schlaf, Vitamin B6 zur Regulierung der Hormontätigkeit.

Leichter durch den Alltag.

Easier through menopause - see for yourself

Patented skullcap extract Scutell'up® for your well-being, sage extract for hot flashes, lemon balm extract for a good night's sleep, vitamin B6 to regulate hormone activity. Easier through everyday life.

FemAgil capsules last for 6 weeks. Take 2 capsules daily with plenty of water.

FemAgil 0.33 € pro capsule

FemAgil was developed by us in cooperation with nutritionists.

FemAgil ingredients Vegan and high quality

That's why you should try FemAgil

We make sure that your body can actually absorb the active ingredients. With FemAgil you therefore receive a formulation with a special black pepper extract that has been proven to promote the absorption of vital substances.

We pay attention to high bioavailability, which is why you receive combinations of vital substances from us that arrive in your body exactly where they are actually needed and are not simply excreted again unused.

A notice

The specified consumption quantity must not be exceeded. 

Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. 


Additional supplementation should be carefully considered and, ideally, should be clarified by a doctor. Therefore, please always pay attention to the intake recommendation on the product.  

Store below 25°C in a dry, sealed place out of the reach of small children. 

FemAgil contains these vital substances:


You can read about everything magnesium does for your body and why it is so important here in our vital substance lexicon.

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Eisen gehört zu den essentiellen, d.h. lebensnotwendigen Nährstoffen. Es ist erforderlich für die Blutbildung und den Sauerstofftransport. Der menschliche Körper enthält etwa 2,5 g bis 4 g Eisen (1). Rund 60% davon befinden sich im Hämoglobin, dem Sauerstoffträger der roten Blutkörperchen.

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Folsäure / Folat

Folate is probably the most well-known vitamin in pregnancy. It is one of the water-soluble vitamins and can occur in different physiologically active forms.

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pepper extract

Pfefferextrakt ist in jedem unserer Supplement-Produkte enthalten. Wir verwenden hierfür den hochwertigen Markenrohstoff Bioperine®.

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