Naturrein und Bio

Natural and organic

Essential oils are beneficial for the whole body. As a room fragrance in a fragrance lamp, they can have a balancing effect on the psyche and can alleviate symptoms such as restlessness, tiredness or stress symptoms. The essential oils from AgilNature are all 100 percent natural and from controlled organic cultivation. They are genuine - natural and unaltered - and authentic: That means they only contain the oil of the specified plant. The essential oils are versatile and have a holistic effect. They are ideal as a fragrance oil and some for the medicine cabinet. At AgilNature you will find a large selection of different essential fragrance oils of the highest quality. You can also buy various vegan food supplements in our online shop.

Ätherische Öle als Bio Duftöl:

Kopf-, Herz- & Basisnoten

We have divided our essential oils into top, middle and base notes. These were assigned depending on the length of stay, intensity and effect of the respective essential oil. The different characters, aromas and scent molecules unfold differently depending on the oil. Essential oils with a strong top note are highly volatile and disperse quickly in the air, but don't stay there for long. If the heart notes are predominant, the full fragrance unfolds a little more slowly than with the top notes and stays in the air longer. The natural fragrance oils with a strong base note often have a heavier, woody and warm scent that takes a long time to develop fully, but lingers in the air for a very long time.

top notes: immediately unfold in fullness, residence time up to 30 minutes

heart notes: unfold more slowly, residence time up to 6 hours

base notes: unfold completely after 1-2 hours, residence time up to 24 hours

Ätherische Bio Öle für die Hausapotheke | ganzheitliche Wirkung

Ätherische Öle können nicht nur als natürliche Duftöle dienen, sie eignen sich aufgrund ihrer unterschiedlichen Wirkungen auch ideal für die Hausapotheke. Je nach Wunsch kannst du unsere Bio Öle dazu verwenden, deine Stimmung zu verbessern oder Müdigkeit zu bekämpfen. Bei AgilNature gibt es ätherische Öle die anregend und belebend, stärkend und aufbauend, entspannend und beruhigend, befreiend und stabilisierend wirken können.

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