Packaging is a very important topic for us

Resource-saving, sustainable and fair. These are just a few points that play an important role in a product today. We think this is absolutely correct. Once you have plastic produced, you won't get rid of it from this earth so quickly, so it's so important to rethink. And there are alternatives! Maybe not so "hip" or colorful at the moment, but with meaning.. With our food supplements, we are in the food sector, which is also subject to strict regulations in Germany. But we have risen to this challenge and are constantly finding out about new methods.

Extremely weather resistant & stability

UV resistant and corrosion resistant oxide layer It also protects the product from moisture and air, which makes the contents last longer and thus avoids unnecessary food waste.

Eco-friendly & Reusable

Can be fully recycled and only 5% of the energy is used in regeneration when salvaged. Our aluminum cans can be very good for other purposes such as spices are used

No risk to health

It is important to us that customers can take our products without hesitation.

Cheat packs are out of the question for us. The product is filled to the brim!

In order to act in a way that conserves resources, we strive to produce our products so that there is no unnecessary air space. We also want to design the dosage so that the customer has something from the product for a long time (many food supplements have a content of 90 capsules and therefore last for 3 months, depending on the product).