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Origin and History of Stevia

The stevia plant (Stevia rebaudiana) originally comes from the Amambay highlands in Paraguay and has a long tradition. For centuries will Stevia Used by the Guarani Indians to sweeten food and drinks. That is why it is also called "sweet herb" or "honey herb". In Japan, the special properties of stevia were recognized early on. Stevia has been used there for more than forty years natural sweetener used in drinks and food. Due to its health-promoting properties, stevia was also used by the indigenous people of Paraguay as a traditional remedy for diabetes and high blood pressure estimated.



Stevia - natural sweetness without calories

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Of course cuties without the disadvantages of sugar - for a long time that was just a dream in this country. This is actually possible with stevia. The advantages of stevia - especially when it comes to losing weight - have finally been recognized in Europe. The leaves of the South American sweet cabbage are so sweet that they can easily replace conventional sugar. The reason for the incredible sweetening power are the special ingredients in the leaves Steviosidethat even up up to 300 times sweeter than cane sugar are (1).


And the best: Stevia has no calories and doesn't damage your teeth. This makes stevia the ideal sugar substitute for anyone who wants to lose weight or stay slim. Diabetics can also be happy. Then Stevia has no effect on blood sugar levels.

SYou don't just want a sugar substitute, you want yours stimulate metabolism? With us you are right!



Which AgilNature® products contain steviol glycosides from stevia?





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